FAQ: What Is Mediterranean House Design?

The exterior of Mediterranean homes typically feature a red-tiled roof (usually terra cotta), as well as brick or stucco that’s often painted white. A focus on indoor-outdoor living, spacious, open floor plans, along with Spanish and Italian influences, are evident in these homes.

What is a Mediterranean style?

What Is Mediterranean Style? Originating in countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea — including Spain, Greece, Italy and Morocco — Mediterranean style is warm, full of character and utterly timeless. Each region specializes in its own distinct elements.

What are the elements of Mediterranean design?

Key Elements of Mediterranean-Style Design

  • Emphasis on indoor-outdoor living.
  • Maximizing natural light and views of the outdoors.
  • Arched windows and doors and interior arched casings.
  • Exposed beams, natural stone walls, and tile or hardwood floors.
  • Airy, breezy interior spaces.
  • Less-is-more styling.

How do I make my house look like the Mediterranean?

Here are five easy ways to bring a taste of the Mediterranean into your living room.

  1. 1) Whitewash or colourwash your walls. Mediterranean living is all about simplicity.
  2. 2) Add texture.
  3. 3) Use home accessories to add colour.
  4. 4) Bring the outside in.
  5. 5) Wood and natural materials.
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What are Mediterranean houses called?

Mediterranean homes as we know them today are based off an architectural style known as Mediterranean Revival. This style aims to emulate the feeling of being in a luxurious Mediterranean villa. It became popularized during the 1920s when a cultural obsession with wealth and leisure led to a boom in seaside resorts.

Are Mediterranean houses out of style?

Asking prices for Mediterranean-style homes—known for stucco walls, tumbled stone and wrought-iron accents—remain high, but buyers seem to be losing interest. Along with Beanie Babies, the Sony Discman and other trends of the 1990s, the once wildly popular Mediterranean-style home has fallen out of fashion.

What is a Mediterranean landscape?

Inspired by the coastal areas of Spain, Italy and France, this style of garden combines relaxed materials and plants with formal accents and designs. The plant palette of a Mediterranean landscape is made of plants that provide texture, color and structure – think lavender, cypress trees and ornamental grasses.

How much does it cost to build a Mediterranean house?

The cost to build a Mediterranean style home varies according to location, but expect a typical range of $100 to $200 per square foot, according to HomeAdvisor. In urban areas with a high cost of living it can cost much more.

What is European interior design?

European decor: Decorating, old world style A mixture of European decor, like western European antiques, shape Old World design. The walls and floors are made from deep textures and fabric. The furniture itself is made up of large sized pieces.

What is the difference between Mediterranean and Spanish style homes?

Mediterranean style homes emerged in the U.S. in the 1920’s and 30’s. The architecture of Mediterranean homes leans on Italian, Greek and Spanish influences. Spanish style homes along with Italian Renaissance, Mission Revival and other styles can all be considered Mediterranean since they all share some style elements.

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What are Mediterranean homes made of?

The exterior of Mediterranean homes typically feature a red-tiled roof (usually terra cotta), as well as brick or stucco that’s often painted white. Stone details, carved doors, and raw iron and metalwork on windows, over balconies, and front doors are other common features.

What is a major feature of the Mediterranean architecture?

Large windows, Pastel-colored walls and Open-air balconies and terraces.

What is the difference between Tuscan and Mediterranean?

The main difference is that Tuscan style is focused solely on influences from Italy, while Mediterranean decorating incorporates elements from other cultures, including Spanish, French, Moroccan, Turkish and Grecian influences.

Where are Mediterranean houses built?

A Mediterranean house is a copycat of the gorgeous homes found throughout Mediterranean countries such as Italy, Spain, and France. Also known as Spanish style (sorry Italy and France), you can always spot one by the red, low-pitched terra cotta-tiled roof, arched doorways and rough plaster exteriors.

What is modern Mediterranean interior design?

What is Mediterranean-Style Interior Design? As the name suggests, Mediterranean-Style Interior Design refers to Southern European Countries like Italy, Morocco, Greece, Spain, etc. It is known for its fresh appearance, use of natural material, and cosy vibe.

Where are Mediterranean homes most popular?

But in the 1960s, Mediterranean homes began gaining in popularity again. While they can be found across the United States, most are in California, Florida and Southern states, all of which have Mediterranean-like climates.

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