Often asked: What Determines House Design In Tomodachi Life?

The house’ interior and roof color is determined by the personality types that get together, with a total of 10 possible designs. If the personality of either Mii occupying it is altered at any time, the house changes accordingly.

How big can the apartment building get in Tomodachi Life?

The Mii Apartments are where your Miis live. The amount of available apartments will expand to 100 ( floor 13 has only 4, yes 100 ) as you add more Miis to your game.

Can you wake up a sleeping MII in Tomodachi Life?

Artwork of a dreaming Mii in Tomodachi Life. When a Mii is asleep, the player will be unable to wake them up. During daytime, Miis may take a nap and can be woken up by entering their apartment, unless they are dreaming.

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Can you have a baby in Tomodachi Collection?

Married couples do not get their own living space, as Mii Homes does not exist. Babies are unavailable in Collection. This is changed in Japanese version of Tomodachi Life, where the Mii would either get accepted or rejected.

Can characters get divorced in Tomodachi Life?

It is possible for a breakup or divorce to happen even with a good status. This happens if the asking Mii’s apology is rejected, then one of the Miis will ask to break up or divorce. In Tomodachi Collection, Miis cannot get back together after a breakup.

What is the maximum number of Miis you can have in Tomodachi life?

You can have up to 100 Miis living on your island. You can even transfer Mii characters from Mii Maker on Wii Uâ„¢ to your Nintendo 3DS system.

How many babies can Miis have in Tomodachi life?

There is no limit as to how many babies can be born within a day to the island, but only one baby can be taken care of by a single family at a time.

Is there a Tomodachi Life 2?

Tomodachi Life 2 (called Tomodachi Collection: True Life in Japan) is the second instalment in the Tomodachi Life series (third in the Tomodachi Collection series in Japan) and the first installment exclusively for the Portal as a launch title, later released as a launch title for the Thwii.

How do you wake up a Tamagotchi?

Select either On or Off by pressing the A button to move the arrow, then press the B button. The light should be turned off when Tamagotchi character is sleeping, or it might get restless! Tamagotchi character will automatically turn the light on when it wakes up.

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How many Miis can you have in Tomodachi Collection?

Mii Apartments will automatically upgrade to fit more Miis once it reaches a certain number of people. The final apartment can fit up to 100 Miis in total.

Does Tomodachi Collection have hair dye?

Hair Dye, also known as Hair color spray, is an item exclusive to Tomodachi Life that allows the player to change a Mii’s hair color. It offers 32 colors not found in Mii Maker. Once chosen, the Mii will spray their hair, eyebrows, mustache and beard with the chosen color.

How long does it take for two Miis to get married in Tomodachi Life?

A marriage occurs after a certain amount of time ( anywhere between months and, very rarely, under an hour ) has passed and both Miis maintain a good relationship with each other. One of the two dating Miis will have a problem icon and say that they want to get married to their sweetheart.

How do you get the compatibility tester on Tomodachi Life?

Tomodachi Life. (Collection) At least five residents, solved at least 15 problems. (Life) At least two male and two female residents, solved at least 30 problems. All the possible results are:

  1. Sunny.
  2. Partly cloudy.
  3. Cloudy.
  4. Half rainy.
  5. Rainy.
  6. Very rainy.

How do Miis have babies?

Wait for the pink heart to show through the home/married Mii’s window.

  1. Only married Miis will want babies.
  2. Make sure to save the game after making the decision.
  3. If you select “It’s too soon.”, the Mii will say “I guess you’re right.” and their happiness won’t be affected.
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How do you delete a Mii on Tomodachi Life?


  1. Go to the Town Hall. The Town Hall is found between the apartments and houses and below the interior store.
  2. Select Mii List.
  3. Choose how you want to view the Miis.
  4. Select the Mii you wish to view.
  5. Select the Erase option.
  6. Select the Yes option.
  7. Decide if you are willing to pay in-game money.
  8. Press OK.

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