Readers ask: What Is It Called Having Cedar Shingle Design In Front Of House?

Shake siding has a unique look that can enhance the architecture and style of your home. While most people associate shakes with cedar, they can actually be made of a few different materials, including durable and low maintenance fiber cement.

What are the shingles on the front of a house called?

Also known as “ strip shingles,” 3-tab asphalt shingles get their name from the way they are cut and installed. They are the most basic form of shingle, made out of a single layer of asphalt and cut into strips. They appear flat, offering a type of slate look to your roof upon installation.

What style house has cedar shakes?

Some architects, in order to attain a weathered look on a new building, had the cedar shakes dipped in buttermilk, dried and then installed, to leave a grayish tinge to the façade. Shingle style houses often use a gambrel or hip roof.

What is a Nantucket style home?

There’s nothing that says Nantucket so much as its weathered grey houses with white trim. One of the primary characteristics of a shingle style home is the gentle way it blends into the landscape. Key features are its soft grey surface, plain siding, very little ornamentation, a welcoming porch, and a rambling outline.

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What is a shake on a house?

A shake is split by hand from lumber logs using special crafting tools. The Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau defines a shake as wood roofing that is split on one or both sides. In the U.S., cedar shakes are the most popular and are typically crafted into shape by hand, although some are manufactured with power equipment.

What is wood around roof called?

Sheathing —The decking material (usually sheets of plywood), which is nailed to the rafters, and to which shingles or other outside roofing materials are secured.

What is the trim around the roof called?

Fascia: Vertical roof trim located along the perimeter of a building, usually below the roof level, to cover the rafter tails at the eaves and to seal off the top of the siding along the rake; also called gutter boards.

What are composite shingles?

Polymer Composite or Synthetic shingles, as they are known, are made from engineered materials and sometimes contain a mixture of recycled plastics and rubber. They come in many different styles and profiles, and are made to replicate the look of traditional asphalt shingles, wood shakes, and stone tiles.

What is the difference between wood shingles and shakes?

WOOD SHINGLES VS WOOD SHAKES. Wood shingles are sawn on both sides and are thinner at the butt end when compared to a wood shake. Wood shakes are typically sawn on one side and hand split on the other side, making them thicker than wood shingles. Both are wedge shaped and are affixed individually to a roofing deck.

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What makes a Shingle Style house?

Shingle Style homes are distinguished by their wood cladding, asymmetrical façades, gambrel roofs, and welcoming verandas. Classic yet informal, the look remains popular for country homes and beach retreats, with current architects adding contemporary influences to the historic aesthetic.

What is a New England style house?

A very popular style in the United States, the colonial style originated in New England with high pitched, dormered roofs and two to three stories. There are one or two very large chimneys, narrow siding or brick facades, and an elaborate front entry with a portico supported by columns.

Why are Nantucket houses GREY?

The first thing that has saved Nantucket island is a set of fairly rigid design controls. You cannot build as you please on Nantucket; houses must have pitched roofs, not flat ones, and they must be covered in unpainted shingles, which weather to a soft gray once they have survived their first Nantucket winter.

What should I wear to Nantucket?

Nantucket Outfits: Everything to Pack for Summer in Nantucket

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What is the difference between a cedar shake and shingle?

Appearance – Cedar shingles have a smooth and uniform look that spans the entire roof surface while cedar shakes have a more rugged appearance because each piece looks a little different than the rest. Cedar shakes are split off while shingles are sawn smooth on both sides and cut tapered.

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What is a cedar shake shingle?

Cedar shakes, also known as hand-split cedar shingles, are a rustic-style roofing option. This style of shingles is made from hand-split cedar logs, which replicates the traditional ax or mallet-cut shingles from colonial times, when cedar shakes first came to popularity.

What is the shingle siding called?

Traditionally, shingle siding, sometimes also called shake siding, is individual cuts of wood of varying widths. Modern shingle siding comes in materials such as low maintenance fiber cement and is often manufactured in panels, which helps make it easier to install while maintaining the traditional aesthetic.

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