FAQ: How To Design An Athletic Training Room?

5 Athletic Training Room Design Ideas

  1. KEEP IT VISIBLE. If possible, create spaces that can be seen from every area, including the sports medicine professional offices.
  2. EASY ACCESS. Specific rehab areas should be designed with the end users in mind.

What does an athletic training room need?

6 Athletic Training Room Must-Haves

  • Taping Station.
  • Electric Treatment Tables and Electric Treatment Cabinets.
  • Whirlpool Tables.
  • Wood or Aluminum Treatment Tables.
  • Modality Carts.
  • Rolling Stools.

What are the 7 areas of a training room?

Special Service Areas:

  • Treatment Area,
  • Electrotherapy Area,
  • Hydrotherapy Area,
  • Rehabilitation Area,
  • Taping & Bandaging Area,
  • Physician Exam Room,
  • Record Storage, Equipment & Supply Storage,
  • Athletic Trainer’s Office.

What are 5 different areas within a training room?

Terms in this set (11)

  • treatment area.
  • taping area.
  • wet area.
  • Rehabilitation area.
  • Office space.
  • Storage.

What are the 6 special service areas of an athletic training room?

The six domains of athletic training are injury prevention, clinical evaluation and diagnosis, immediate care, treatment, rehabilitation and reconditioning, organization and administration, and professional responsibility.

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How big should an athletic training room be?

Another author14 reported that a minimum of 500 square feet (46 m2) is needed and that the size of the athletic training facility depends on the size and scope of the athletic department.

What is an athletic training room?

The Athletic Training Room is a medical facility that provides health services for injuries and illnesses resulting from athletics. For liability reasons, the athletic training staff cannot see or treat the non-‐athlete members of the student body.

How do you determine the best way to set up a training room to help the learner learn?

Here are five tips to optimize your training room layout:

  1. Create a classroom checklist.
  2. Make sure your learners can clearly see visual aids from all seats and angles.
  3. Consider learner comfort when determining seating arrangements.
  4. Maximize interaction by choosing the most ideal seating arrangement.

What is the most used area of the athletic training room?

Terms in this set (22) The taping area will be the most-used are of the training room. It is common to have athletes waiting in line to be taped and the training room should have at least six taping tables.

What is in the wet area of a training room?

It contains a hydrotherapy room, a changing room, training tables, ice machine, doctor’s office and athletic trainers.

What technology do athletic trainers use?

Technology in tracking athletic performances includes pedometers, sports watches, scales, body fat calculators and heart rate monitors. Tracking helps athletes monitor their success in achieving specific goals such as weight loss or weight gain.

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