How Do I Link Cartridges From Cricut Craft Room To Cricut Design Space?

Ensure that your machine is powered on and connected to the computer with the USB cable. Click on the green Account Menu box in the upper left corner of Cricut Design Space and choosing “Link Cartridges” from the menu. For best results, wait until Design Space has detected your machine before inserting your cartridge.

How do I access linked cartridges in Cricut Design space?

Sign in to your account on Click on the person icon, then select My Account to access your account details. Click on Linked Cartridges from the menu to the left of your account information.

How do I transfer Cricut cartridges to design space?

Ensure your Cricut Explore machine (Air 2 or older) is powered on and connected to your computer via USB cable, or insert the Cartridge Adapter into a USB port on your computer. Select Link Cartridges from the Account Menu in the upper left corner of Design Space. Select your device from the drop-down menu.

Can you still link Cricut cartridges?

Important: Cartridges can be linked only once, and cannot be unlinked. If your cartridge is a pre-owned one, we cannot guarantee that it can be linked to your account. You can still use those cartridges with stand-alone machines like Expression, Personal, etc.

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How do I register my Cricut cartridge?

How do I register my Cricut products?

  1. Open Design Space for Desktop.
  2. Choose New Machine Setup from the menu in the upper left corner.
  3. Select your machine.
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts.

What does linked mean for Cricut cartridges?

When Cricut created the Craftroom software and the Gyspy, they allowed cartridges to be ‘linked’ so that these devices would know that you owned that cartridge and not require it to be entered in the Cricut machine every time. The linking is to an account, not to your actual machine.

Are Cricut cartridges compatible with all machines?

Yes! You can definitely use all your old cartridges with any of the electronic Cricut machines. However, first you have to link them to your Cricut account, so you can access them online through Cricut Design Space.

Does Cricut design space work with older Cricuts?

How To Link Your Old Cricut Cartridges To your Cricut Design Space Account. Cricut Explore was designed to work with Cricut Design Space, rather than as a stand-alone machine. However, you can still use cartridges you own with your Cricut Explore.

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