Quick Answer: What Is A Great Room In Interior Design?

A great room is a room inside a house that combines the roles of several more traditional rooms such as the family room, living room, and study into one space. Great rooms typically have raised ceilings and are usually placed at or near the center of the home.

What is considered a great room?

As most real estate agents and new home sales consultants will tell you, a great room is a large space on the ground floor, located in or near the center of the home. A great room can be used like a living room, meaning it can fit couches, comfy chairs, and a television that people can gather around.

What is the difference between a great room and a family room?

A living room is the most formal, a great room is more casual, and a family room is the most relaxed of all three. Family rooms primarily provide a place of relaxation and entertainment for the family members who live in the home. The furniture you choose to place in your family room should be comfortable and spacious.

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What is a great room floor plan?

Great rooms are large, open rooms in a house plan that often feature high or vaulted ceilings and are used for recreation, relaxation or entertaining. Home plans with great rooms maximize a home’s square footage thanks to the absence of walls separating out the interior spaces into many smaller living areas.

What is a good great room size?

Great rooms are typically in proportion to the size of the home, Garza says. A 3,000-square-foot home might have a 15-by-22-foot, rectangular great room. In larger homes, the great room might be 19 by 27 feet. Hidey has designed great rooms that are as large as 25 by 30 feet.

Does great room include dining room?

A great room has a huge advantage over a living room, the open floor plan allows for a lot of natural light into the house. Since there are no walls, sunlight streams through the windows and lights up the entire room, including the adjacent kitchen or dining room.

How many square feet is a great room?

The great room lives up to its name, and is the largest room in the home by far at an average of 550 square feet.

Does the TV go in the living room or family room?

Formality. “ The family room is a more casual, day-to-day place to go watch television, hang out, and spend time with your family,” says Carrie Long, principal of Carrie Long Interiors. “The living room is a more formal place, usually for entertaining guests or for extended family time.”

What is a hearth room?

Hearth rooms were historically spaces near the kitchen that featured a fireplace. In modern times, they are distinctively casual family rooms where the focal point of the decor is still the fireplace. The room often features overstuffed furniture and country-style accents, giving the space a cohesive, casual look.

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What is a two story great room?

It may be the living room, dining room, foyer, or “great room” (essentially the same thing as a two story living room ) with a soaring double-height ceiling – not just cathedral or vaulted, but truly two stories. Two story rooms have several advantages and disadvantages.

Why is it called a bonus room?

The term bonus room is mainly used in the United States. One early use is from The New York Times in 1991, which wrote that ” A recent solution to the problem of noisy teen-agers is the enticingly titled bonus room, which is a spare room on the bedroom floor that can be used as a den, television room or guest room.”

What is a heart room in a house?

Living rooms typically invokes a sense of rest, relaxation, entertainment, socialization and quality time spent with the people you love. It’s arguably the heart of the home.

What is average living room size?

The average size of a living room is three hundred and forty square feet (340 sqft). The average dimensions of a living room are 16 x 20 feet. A living room usually takes up about 15% of the space in a small home, but only 8% percent of the space in a large home. Most people want a big home.

What is the average room size?

The average size of an owner’s bedroom in U.S. homes is 14 feet by 16 feet (224 square feet). Other common owner’s bedroom dimensions are 12 feet by 14 feet (168 square feet) and 12 feet by 16 feet (192 square feet).

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What is considered a large family room?

If you have a large family, or you really enjoy entertaining guests at your home, a large living room is probably a must. For a living room to be considered large, it should be over 300 square feet. Large living rooms will measure at least 15-feet by 20-feet, but custom-built homes may have much larger living rooms.

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