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Meeting of Minds: John Wardle and Durbach Block Jaggers in Conversation with Jan Henderson.

By Tilt Industrial Design

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King Design Insider – Behind the Scenes with David Hardwick

By King

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What is it that makes a product great and a company an exemplar? These are questions that can be difficult to answer unless we are talking of King furniture and it’s singular collections. Before a finished product is placed on the floor, there is a complex process of design thinking coupled with experience and collaboration to explore.

In this session, join David Hardwick, Head of Product at King, as he guides us through the journey of design and provides a wealth of insight hitherto unknown.

This is your opportunity to become a King Design Insider and find out everything there is to know about this outstanding furniture manufacturer.


David Hardwick

Head of Product, David Hardwick, leads a team of designers and engineers to make sure the King design ethos is translated in every product being crafted.

Design thinking is innate to David, who draws inspiration from his surroundings and how we interact with everyday objects. His deep proclivities to understand form and function from as many perspectives as possible in all considerations, mirrors the philosophy behind every King furniture – high-quality, timeless and unique in style, and a strong argument for its reason for being.

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