Super Design is a multi-dimensional event format that will revolutionise the way you engage, launch products, network and inspire. We’ve created a fusion of physical and virtual events, taking the best from both worlds and combining them to build a new event experience.

Get ready to engage better, reach broader and remain relevant for longer. The future is here.

The future of design events is here

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Why Super Design?

Super Design goes further than any event before it, layering elements of physical, virtual and streamed events to produce a multi-dimensional package that is completely unique to each brand. This layered approach ensures we can extend the reach of activations, prolong outcomes, access never before accessible content, utilise tools to create experience and networking, gain insights and data, and increase reach and engagement.


All journeys start with a virtual event, launching your Super Design experience through our ready-made platform that connects you and your brand to an audience. This is event without limits.

  • Showcase exclusive content and a special behind the scenes world of your brand
  • Give specifiers unprecedented access to get to know your brand and unique offering
  • Remove geographical boundaries and tap into local, regional and international content to inform, inspire and entertain specifiers
  • Engage, interact with Q+A sessions and other live tools
  • Gather leads from digital audiences


If you’re primed for your digital debut but are still looking for person-to-person contact, take your event to the next level and add a Reality element. This will keep your message rolling over the full festival line-up and give you multiple chances to make an impression.

  • In your showroom
  • Small targeted groups
  • RSVP basis – all attendees registered
  • Face to face in covid-safe way


Keep it targeted and maximise your engagement with a hybrid event that combines Virtual and Reality in one interactive timeslot. Stream a Q&A in your showroom or host a watch party for your digital presentation, hybrid events ensure you’re hitting the reach while cultivating your physical relationships.

  • Make your physical event reach a broader audience
  • Nurture specifiers in your space
  • Remove geographical boundaries
  • Gather leads from digital audiences
  • Engage, interact with Q+A sessions and other live tools


Now you’ve defied geographical boundaries, get ready to break through time constraints, with on-demand servicing ensuring your Super Design installment continues to run.

  • All of your broadcast and digital event content recorded for audience to engage with in their own time
  • Make your interaction last longer- unlike traditional physical events, the ROI doesn’t stop at the end of the day. your content will continue to work for you, and continue to generate leads for your sales team and marketing communications

Who attends?

Capture the next leaders of the design industry.

Super Design is engaging fresh faces from the design and architecture community, along with some old friends. Be a part of the multi-dimensional experience tailored to architects, designers, specifiers, developers and design lovers.

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Are you a design-led business with a point of difference?

Super Design is the perfect opportunity not only to showcase your products, but also show off your unique brand personality. Give specifiers unprecedented access to your story, your people and your knowledge. Celebrate authentic design and join Super Design to offer an experience like no other.