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A Showroom Space to Learn How to Enhance Your Kitchen

By Sub-Zero Wolf

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King Logo

Pioneering a tradition of design and innovation, the King brand has evolved into a distinct expression of the way furniture is designed and experienced, combining technical complexity with an elegant creative philosophy.

Since 1977, King products have been handcrafted for lasting personal comfort with a refined timeless elegance. A commitment to longevity is fundamental to the King design philosophy. Over time, as life changes, King furniture adapts and evolves with you. This is achieved through unique practices of innovation and craftsmanship coming together as one.

King has pioneered sustainable practices not as a trend, but as a philosophy for over 40 years. Sustainability is achieved through consistent quality craftsmanship, a commitment to luxury materials and attention to detail so every King is built to stand the test of time. Removable tailored covers enable every King sofa to be refreshed or reimagined over its lifespan.

Every King product is inspired by the brands quest to achieve a unique but universal commitment to share refinement and quality with the world.

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