FAQ: What Is A Interior Design Smolder Resistance Test?

Term. smolder resistance test – what else is it known as and what is it. Definition. cigarette ignition test – basically it tests the smoldering resistance of a finish – nonflame test that uses a cigaratte as the ignition source to see how a product will smolder before either flaming or extinguishing. Term.

What is the smolder resistance test?

This test method measures the tendency of resilient filling materials to smolder and contribute to fire propagation, when covered with smolder resistant fabric and subjected to a smoldering ignition source.

What most affects the flammability of upholstery?

What MOST affects the flammability of upholstery? b. Although chemical retardants and interliners are important considerations in upholstery flammability resistance, the combination of surface fabric and cushioning has the greatest effect.

What is the focus of Cal 133 TB 133 in the specification of furniture?

The TB 133 Test Procedure The TB 133 test measures the amount of heat generated by the combustion of the furniture system (or alternatively, the rate of heat generation). Smoke opacity, carbon monoxide generation and temperature are also measured, along with the weight loss of the furniture system due to combustion.

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What is CAL 117?

California Technical Bulletin 117, otherwise known as CAL 117 for short, is a regulation that sets the standard for upholstered furniture flammability in the furniture industry. CAL 117 requires that certain materials that are used in residential furniture pass both an open flame and smolder test.

What is the primary ignition source that ignites upholstered furniture?

The most common ignition source for upholstery is a cigarette but other ignition sources such as smaller open flames are also common.

What fabrics are exempt from flammability testing?

Exemptions from the standard include (i) plain surface fabrics, regardless of fiber content, weighing 2.6 oz. or more per square yard; (ii) plain and raised surface fabrics made of acrylic, modacrylic, nylon, olefin, polyester, wool, or any combination of these fibers, regardless of weight; (iii) certain interlinings,

Which fabrics are most fire resistant?

Wool. Wool is generally considered the most flame-resistant natural fiber, because it is difficult to ignite, and flames are often extinguished in the fibers.

Is Cal 133 required?

Open flame test for upholstered furniture (TB 133) is no longer needed. Throughout our global network of laboratories, we are able to provide a range of services, including analytical testing and consultancy for flame retardants in consumer products for the US and international markets.

What is the difference between Cal 117 and CAL 133?

While CAL 117 tests for upholstery flammability, CAL 133 tests the entire product. California Bulletin 133 regulations also differ in that they are specific to furniture that will be used in public spaces, including privately owned offices of ten or more people and government buildings.

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What does TB 117 2013 compliant mean?

TB117-2013 contains smolder tests for fabric, filling, decking and barriers if used, similar to the current voluntary industry standard UFAC/NFPA 260. There is no open flame test. For fabrics that do not pass the smolder test, a compliant barrier may be used between fabric and foam.

What does NFPA 260 Class 1 mean?

NFPA 260: Test Method: A sample is placed over a standard foam substrate and exposed to a burning cigarette. Standard to Pass: Class I – Char length less than 1 3/4″ Class II – Char length over 1 3/4″

What is TB133?

The TB133 test procedure is designed to test seating furniture for use in occupancies that are identified as or considered to be public occupancies. It is the intent of the Bureau that furniture complying with Technical Bulletin 133 be safer furniture when subjected to the ignition source specified by this test.

What NFPA 701?

NFPA 701 is the most standard methods of fire tests for flame propagation of textiles and films. This test has two test methods based on fabric density.

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