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Josh Cain

Josh Cain

Josh possesses both a discerning design sensibility and a sound knowledge of detailing and construction, enabling him to execute exceptional and high quality design solutions. A thorough and holistic approach enables Josh to simultaneously consider minute details and the big picture, stripping away the unnecessary in order to achieve purity and a delightfully restrained simplicity in design.

With an astute ability to capture the essence of a brand, Josh also seeks opportunities to enhance the communication of the brand. He is forward thinking and able to create and adhere to a clear vision.

Highly personable and empathetic, Josh maintains excellent client relationships, provides helpful guidance and assistance, and is able to help clients realise and articulate their ambitions and objectives. Josh possesses a unique ability to tailor the creative process to suit each individual client and project. He is able to synthesise high volumes of complex information and truly understand constraints to advise on the best way to approach a project.

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