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Ross Didier

Ross Didier

“Art and design are very different, and I feel very aware of sliding the bar between them. Design is Shaolin kung Fu where Art is bare knuckle fist fighting. I mean artists can do whatever they want for their art and this liberation is the point of what they do. Design on the other hand has disciplines with givens, and to ignore these misses the point of designing. Good art communicates ideas – good design serves function, and the story this creates is inspiring.” – Ross Didier

The concept of a neat and simple reality is being questioned by scientists and philosophers who increasingly discover a far more chaotic world where opposites coexist, and boundaries are simply illusions. The Didier Design Studio has long intuited a world where art meets design, craft blends with engineering and utilitarianism embraces luxury.

Didier’s creative furniture design and production practice has always been open to boundless manufacturing techniques, materials, and ways of thinking.

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